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October 2015

Act like a Lady, Dress Like A Man (Kinda!)

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This fall, look no further than your boyfriend’s closet for inspiration. That’s right ladies, it is now acceptable to wear that oversized shirt you stole from your boyfriend in public and look totally chic, and we’re so happy about it.

The most current trends like boyfriend jeans, and blazers to name a few, have proved women can do it better (as if we didn’t know that already!). However, this fall, we’re going to prove it again because a) why not? and b) Beyonce would be so proud.

For starters, the blazer. They have worked their way into women’s closets, trending with oversized looks, different colors and prints. They are one of my favorite pieces as they practically go with anything look! Wear one to work, with a pencil skirt or a dress, to class, with jeans and a tshirt, or going out at night with a cute pair of heels. Blazers are a true day-to-night transition piece. They can easily dress up an outfit or just be thrown on to fight the fall breeze. This season, try your blazer a more manly way through its tailoring. Longer and less fitted, the trendier. Or, be bold, a try the cape blazer out (it’s totally awesome)!

Next style obsession, trousers! As a college student, the only time I’m ever wearing dress pants is to work, however this fall, designers have put a twist on the classic suit pant by manipulating the hemlines and I’m totally loving it. Rather than the straight fit, aka the boring office type of pants, they have gone for a wideleg style. The fabric keeps it work appropriate but the tailoring makes them a feminine-masculine style. Totally suggest wearing a chunky necklace to balance the attention from head to toe. Also, before it gets too cold out, rock the cropped wideleg trouser and pair with a cute bootie or sandal.

Final touches. Whether it’s your boyfriend’s fitted baseball cap you stole paired with a flannel, t-shirt and cute layered necklaces or a Pharrell inspired hat or my personal favorite floppy hat, throw it on to finish your look! Hats are totally great when both you and your hair just can’t but you still want to look chic.

Flannels, oversized garments, trousers, blazers and white t’s are it and super easy to pull off. Most important thing to remember when we wanna dress like a man but act like a lady, is to keep at least one piece of your outfit fitted in some sort to maintain your body shape. Otherwise, yeah, I did wake up like this in my boyfriend’s tshirt and jeans, but i’m totally killing it.

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