Summer Closet’s Extra Mileage

By November 9, 2015Blog

In denial that winter is basically next month? Same. Trying to hang onto your summer wardrobe as long as possible? Yup, me too. This season, learn how get the extra mileage out of your favorite summer pieces so you can still hang onto summer just a bit longer.


Don’t throw them up into the attic right away, keep them year round by adding a pair of print or solid tights underneath and a pair of boots. In all honesty, this look is bold. However, it is totally chic and in fashion, you have to take risks, not go with the norm and wear the statement outfit. My personal favorite styling of this trend is black patterned, textured tights with distressed destroyed denim shorts, velour shorts or even black leather shorts. Either way, rock it with a blazer to give it a more structured, sophisticated look or baggy sweater for a cozier, relaxed vibe. With a little bit of confidence, you can totally SLAY in this outfit… or any outfit in general.


In the summer, I love throwing a simple tank on with a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans or shorts but here in Philadelphia, it’s not always sunny especially in the winter, so we need to modify. Luckily, we can keep our tanks out all year because of the world’s absolute best creation ever- CARDIGANS. My love for cardigans surpasses my love for an iced PSL… and for anyone that knows me, they know that’s a LOT of love… sorry not sorry Starbs. Anyway, use your tank as a basic necessity (rather than the main focus like in the summer) by wearing it underneath fall layers: oversized, comfy sweaters, cardigans, trench coats, or a bomber jackets. Have a loose knit sweater? Throw your tank top underneath to fight the breeze through the open knits. And if you’re like me and enjoy being “extra”, throw a huge blanket scarf on top or statement necklace. This also works for maxi dresses and skirts too!

Short Dresses

Favorite outfit of this past summer, hands down: baby doll dresses with high gladiator sandals… however, my faded tan, pale legs are way too embarrassing to keep this look in the winter. BUT, the world’s second best creation solves this issue: KNEE HIGH BOOTS and THIGH HIGHS. I was always self conscious to wear really tall boots or thigh highs for the fear of looking a little too much, but I’ve found a way to make them work. The key trick for tall knee high boots is to pick a complementing dress that does not allow the boots to overpower the whole look. And for thigh highs, keep them a neutral color so they don’t take away from your dress (or shorts or skirts!) and don’t color block you in the wrong places (and if you’re still too cold, add on a pair of skin-hued tights underneath… no one will ever know!). With that said, let’s take a minute to thank thigh highs for a) always making me look like I have legs for days (I’m 5’2) and b) allowing us to keep our baby doll dresses in our closets all year long, hallelujah!

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