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By December 28, 2015Blog

Nothing defines happiness more than sequins and the holiday season. And the two of them together? Ah, pure bliss.

As if it’s not tough enough already to decide what to wear when you wake up in the morning every day, deciding what to wear to a holiday party has the ability to make you want to pull your hair out. My hair is already thin enough so clearly I needed to find a way to keep my hair and save the aggravation. So, whether it’s a work party, house party, dinner, brunch, pictures with Santa or New Years, sequins are your go-to this holiday season.

Classic Sequin Dress

No need to explain how flawless you’d look covered in sequins.

Wrapped in Sequins

Get Your Party Pants (or skirt) On!

Little Embellishment

If you want just a little taste of sequins, it’s easy to be very subtle. Don’t want sequins as a whole garment? Choose pieces with just little areas of sequin embellishment. It can be a solid black romper with just the cuffs embellished (we have one at DFTI that is amazing!!) or any dress or shirt with a little sparkle on the shoulder. Another easy way is to add them in with your accessories. Throw on a simple little black dress and make it holiday glam by adding a sparkly statement necklace, a sequin handbag, or even just sparkly nail polish (preferably gold for a more glamorous look).

No matter the holiday occasion, sequins are always appropriate and are so versatile to suite any party. Rihanna is proof no one will top your sequin look.

Happy Holidays!

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