Sheets to Streets

By July 20, 2016Blog

Keep the ‘I woke up like this’ phase going by trying this summer’s lingerie inspired trends.

As sexy as this look is, is also as risky (and not in the good way) as this look can be. The key to this trend is to make sure you balance your lingerie inspired pieces with actual day-to-day pieces… that way you don’t look like you literally just stepped out of your bedroom or are doing a tragic W.O.S!

Here are a few of our favorite lingerie-inspired looks that are so easy to pull off.

Slip it




Or Even A Sports Bra…

My favorite thing about the current lingerie-trend is how versatile
your look can be since they are all such transitional pieces. In one
styling of it, you could add an entire new level of sophistication and
in a different styling, you could look super sporty. If your going out
downtown, pair any of these looks with a leather moto jacket, blazer
or heel and it’s an easy night outfit. If you’re going shopping
downtown (at DFTI perhaps?!?!) and need a more casual look, here’s my
advice and my favorite look of them all: throw on a sandal, pair of
boyfriend jeans and pair them with a sheer/mesh top with a bralette
underneath. Wherever you’re going this summer, the lingerie trend is
definitely a go-to look… and for afterwards, too 😉

Stay Pretty!

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