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Beach Essentials

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Summer is officially around the corner and I’m totally feeling it!

Especially with these Sprummer heat waves we’re having right now…90 degrees in May? Yes, please! With the sun beaming on my skin, even if I’m just on my way to work, it’s hard not to think about the beach. With the sea and sand on my mind, I put together the perfect batch of beach essentials for a fabulous day at the seashore!

What to wear:

I don’t need to tell you how hot one piece swimwear is right now. But I will….because these suits are on fire! Not only are they super sexy, but there is a style out there for every body type. I’m obsessing over the one piece, styled with a pair of uber distressed denim shorts, and a sleek and short kimono over top. If you’re not the kimono type, go with a flirty graphic tee, partially tucked in at the front. This look is everything if you’re headed to No Shower Happy Hour after the beach. Add a pair of tassel earrings and a straw tiki clutch to really step it up a notch.

Just an FYI…If you aren’t really a print gal, but secretly love the adorable fruit prints popping up this spring, I say try it out on a bathing suit. There is no better place to take a risk with a bold print than the beach!

If you’re feeling like you may be more of a bikini babe, I see you girl. The classic bikini is and always will be a staple on a scorching summer day. We can’t all look like the Kar-Jenner gang in a two-piece, but since we know we’re hot af anyway, let’s flaunt it!

The freshest styles for the 2018 beach scene: prints, hip-baring bottoms and neutral hues. Gingham is like seersuckers big sister that’s totally crushing the game and flirty florals/palms are holding their own on the beach front, too. If prints aren’t your thang, that’s okay, because neutrals are blazing right now. Try an olive colored bikini version of the Pamela Anderson bottom. This style is gorgeous with a long, lacy kimono and a few delicate gold necklaces, layered for effect. I also really love an earth toned bikini with a pair of high waist eggshell colored linen pants or shorts. Linen bottoms don’t get nearly enough love…so give it a shot for originality. Speaking of originality…give your favorite ball cap and rest and go for the straw fedora today! Perfection!

What’s In The Bag:

If you’re planning for a night out (attempting to make it past 7pm) with friends after the beach, I suggest packing light. Because no one has time for a tote when you’ve been drinking frozé since 11am. For this set up, grab a tiny festive clutch with your favorite sunblock (I really love all the suncare products from COOLA – they even have a hair and scalp SPF spray!), one of those handy compact brushes from the 90’s, a roller ball of a tropical scent – this one makes you smell like a piña colada, chapstick, and concealer. And obvi don’t forget a pair of sunnies! Have fun with a new pair of geo-shaped specs or grab your tried and true aviators. Either way, total necessity!

For the ultimate beach day, go tote all the way! Choose a colorful tote and add everything from above plus a giant round towel (or any of these incredible towels)…because traditional towels are so last week. Oh and a container of frozen blueberries to pop in your mouth….or in your spiked seltzer. Multipurpose for the win! 😉

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Cold Shoulder, Hot Style

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Something I’m most excited about for the warm weather that’s approaching us? Off-the-shoulder tops! My collection of this trendy neckline has grown with the help of my shopping addiction, and I can’t wait to break it in. There’s something so freeing and flattering about this cut that makes it look cute on anybody. Here are some of my favorite looks incorporating the cold shoulder – hope you get inspired to try it out!

Stylish little tops like these have easily become a staple piece in my closet. They go great with ripped jeans and some sandals for a casual look, or spice it up with a pair of palazzo pants.

Not only do off-the-shoulder tops look great, but dresses are even more perfect for spring. They’re an easy way to look fancy without even really trying, and they’re a great way to show off a new pre-summer glow.

Other than dresses, my next-best obsession are rompers! My closet is overflowing with new rompers that I can’t wait to break out for the warmer seasons. They’re easy to wear and so comfortable with their effortless, one-piece style.

There’s tons of variety for an off-the-shoulder look, whether you want to go all out with a maxi dress for a special event, or just a crop top and shorts for a girls day! Once I get a little bit of a tan on these shoulders, I’ll definitely be sporting this look all throughout the spring and summer.

Spring Essentials

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Grab your floppy hat and sandals because Spring Break is almost here! If you are anything like me, you haven’t started planning your Spring wardrobe because it has been FREEEEEZING. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you pick out the essentials for the warm weather to come.

The first thing to address are the two patterns that will never die – and always remind us of warmer days: floral print and nautical stripes.

Floral dresses and rompers will be a hit again this spring, so make sure you pick one up.

For all of you boat and ocean-lovers, nautical stripes are a great go-to for any Spring (or Summer) look. Whether it’s a dress, shirt or bottoms (as pictured), nautical stripes are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Once you’re finished picking out your Spring outfits, don’t forget about the accessories! Every girl should have a go-to pair of fun sandals. My favorite are the wrap sandals (as shown), but there are a lot of options out there. Strappy sandals are both cute and comfortable – and look good with any Spring outfit.

The last accessory everyone needs for their warm-weather-looks is a floppy hat! These hats are miracle-workers. They add so much to a simple outfit – and they are ideal for a no-shower happy hour (or if you just don’t feel like washing your hair today). These hats come in a variety of shapes and styles, so pick one that suits your sense of style and personality.

Layering 101

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Ugh, it’s that time of year; the time when it gets so unbelievably cold and we ditch our fashion sense for bulky outfits just to stay warm. Well, forget about running into your ex while looking like a marshmallow. I’m here to help you bundle up while staying trendy! The key to dressing for success during the colder months of the year is by layering properly (and I’m not talking about wearing long johns under your jeans). Here are some looks that are both cozy and cute.

Kendall Jenner is rocking a sweatshirt under her denim jacket. A good jean jacket is always ideal to have in your closet because you can wear it in the winter like Jenner – or you can pair it with a sun dress in the spring.

Another option (and my personal favorite) is a fur jacket or vest. These pair well with jeans and basic tees or dressier going-out attire.

If you are feeling extra trendy, a cape would be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can get one that fits like a blazer (pictured below) or a floor-length cape jacket.

You can also purchase a fun, oversized scarf to bundle up while adding some style to a basic outfit.

I love layering because it adds so much to a simple outfit and it’s easy to take apart when heading indoors for your lunch date. So don’t worry about looking frumpy in the winter anymore. Go out and do your inner-fashionista justice by adding these staple items into your wardrobe.

Sheets to Streets

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Keep the ‘I woke up like this’ phase going by trying this summer’s lingerie inspired trends.

As sexy as this look is, is also as risky (and not in the good way) as this look can be. The key to this trend is to make sure you balance your lingerie inspired pieces with actual day-to-day pieces… that way you don’t look like you literally just stepped out of your bedroom or are doing a tragic W.O.S!

Here are a few of our favorite lingerie-inspired looks that are so easy to pull off.

Slip it




Or Even A Sports Bra…

My favorite thing about the current lingerie-trend is how versatile
your look can be since they are all such transitional pieces. In one
styling of it, you could add an entire new level of sophistication and
in a different styling, you could look super sporty. If your going out
downtown, pair any of these looks with a leather moto jacket, blazer
or heel and it’s an easy night outfit. If you’re going shopping
downtown (at DFTI perhaps?!?!) and need a more casual look, here’s my
advice and my favorite look of them all: throw on a sandal, pair of
boyfriend jeans and pair them with a sheer/mesh top with a bralette
underneath. Wherever you’re going this summer, the lingerie trend is
definitely a go-to look… and for afterwards, too 😉

Stay Pretty!

Outshine Yourself

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Nothing defines happiness more than sequins and the holiday season. And the two of them together? Ah, pure bliss.

As if it’s not tough enough already to decide what to wear when you wake up in the morning every day, deciding what to wear to a holiday party has the ability to make you want to pull your hair out. My hair is already thin enough so clearly I needed to find a way to keep my hair and save the aggravation. So, whether it’s a work party, house party, dinner, brunch, pictures with Santa or New Years, sequins are your go-to this holiday season.

Classic Sequin Dress

No need to explain how flawless you’d look covered in sequins.

Wrapped in Sequins

Get Your Party Pants (or skirt) On!

Little Embellishment

If you want just a little taste of sequins, it’s easy to be very subtle. Don’t want sequins as a whole garment? Choose pieces with just little areas of sequin embellishment. It can be a solid black romper with just the cuffs embellished (we have one at DFTI that is amazing!!) or any dress or shirt with a little sparkle on the shoulder. Another easy way is to add them in with your accessories. Throw on a simple little black dress and make it holiday glam by adding a sparkly statement necklace, a sequin handbag, or even just sparkly nail polish (preferably gold for a more glamorous look).

No matter the holiday occasion, sequins are always appropriate and are so versatile to suite any party. Rihanna is proof no one will top your sequin look.

Happy Holidays!

That ’70s Show[stopper]

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve always wanted to be Jackie Burkhart from That ’70s Show. Her signature style was always so put together from head to toe, she was the “It” girl of her town and honestly, who wouldn’t want to be Mila Kunis? Clearly, back in the 2000’s, 70’s fashion was not that trendy, so we couldn’t appreciate Jackie’s clothing as much, but now is your time to be the updated version of Jackie (insert heart eyes emoji). For this winter, stay warm with 70’s inspired clothing.

Earth Tones and Prints

The easiest way to mimic Jackie’s 70’s style is through warm earth tone colored clothing and accessories. Earth tones include shades of tan, brown, gray, green, red and blue (any color found in nature) and are definitely in for this season. Since I am getting paler by the second, usually nude tones are not my go-to in the winter but with a little contouring, it can be pulled off. If nude and your skin tone just don’t mix, camel is a great alternative and is equally as great. Also, try adding earth tone colored prints to your wardrobe. These colored patterns are fun but neutral enough to be sophisticated.


Last time I wore a turtleneck was my kindergarten school picture (trendsetter from the beginning, duh), but now I’ll be adding turtlenecks to my everyday wardrobe. Sometimes turtleneck sweaters get a little too hot, but if you really like the turtleneck trend, try a tank top with this neckline and add a jacket or blazer over to complete your winter look. Whether it’s a turtleneck shirt, sweater, dress or tank, this style is totally 70’s inspired. My favorite styling of this is a cropped turtleneck sweater paired with leather skinnies- an easy day to night outfit.


Tis’ the season of winter coats! This season we can look at Jackie’s amazing coat collection for inspiration, especially her faux fur bomber jacket. Fur jackets and vests are totally trending and are easy to wear with anything. Did I mention how chic you look while wearing fur too?

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